Friday, April 29, 2011

All Weddings Are Royal Weddings

My thoughts on Will & Kate's big day...

  1. Love how both of them look like they can't wait to be done with this ceremony.
  2. Whoever did the sound for CBS should be should be listening to your live feed and watching the video at the same time.
  3. Katie Couric, we can hear you when you whisper.
  4. Dress: the neckline and lace are gorgeous; the pleating in the train is a nice detail that makes the train look longer than it actually is; and, the tailor should have shortened the front hem by a quarter of an inch.
  5. Hats! Hats! Hats! Some of them are absurd (Princess Eugenie's pink curlicues), others  make me wish I had a place to wear hats.
  6. Singing - leave it to the choir.
  7. The Queen's canary dress and hat are a serious statement - I aspire to be this bold when I'm her age.
  8. Kate Middleton used the perfect amount of blush, but too much eyeliner. I hope she remembered vaseline for her teeth - it's hard to smile for that long!
  9. Are Prince Harry's shoulder's really that broad? 
  10. Marching around the Abbey...they look so happy!
  11. Is it weird that their first home will basically be moving in with his dad and grandparents? Oh-just learned that they will live in a 4-bedroom house with no servants! That is awesome.
  12. Absolutely beautiful veil - I didn't notice the detailing around the edge until they walked into Buckingham Palace. 
  13. The kiss...good thing I did not blink! Anti-climactic.

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