Friday, October 5, 2012

Five on Friday: Things I Hate About Traveling Alone with an Infant

1. Trying to nurse on the plane while the people around me act really awkward. Uncomfortable! Of course it doesn't help that Alex tries to pull an acrobat routine while nursing. Attempt to use a cover, you say? You are freaking hilarious.
2. Trying to change Alex's diaper in the airplane bathroom. There is a changing table, but what a joke. Then, it turns out that Alex had not pooped, someone near me just had bad gas. Jerks!
3. Lugging so much crap around the airport and trying to shove it all under my seat--because with a baby, the overhead bin is pretty useless. I need the toy NOW!!!
4. Alex has to be good for sooo long. He is generally a good kid, and he was a rock star today. He cried for a total of three minutes from the time we left until we made it to my parents' house eight hours later. But, that's a long time for an active little boy to be good.
5. People who do not move when they are sitting in the aisle seat for their neighbor in the window seat who has to use the bathroom to change their presumably stinky kid (see #2 above). I am not a large person, and it's uncomfortable enough with just me. But, it is impossible to suck it in enough to squeeze me and a baby through without something hitting you in the face. I would feel sorry (but still think you deserved it) if Alex kicked you in the face.

Whiny-ness aside, I was quite thrilled to make it to my destination. Expect a happier post next Friday.

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