Monday, June 7, 2010

Blogging Mission Not Accomplished

Sorry for the hiatus on blogging folks...apparently success is related to consistency in this world.  So much has happened in the last month that I don't even know where to begin.  I think a quick and dirty version of life in the last month is in order.

May 14: Apparently the debauchery on May 7 was not enough for this girl.  After two more exams, we spent a little time at State St. Brat's followed by a bit of fun at James's house. I stole a couple pictures from Meredith and Janet so you could see what the afternoon was like; but the resolution was total crap since I took them from facebook.  However, all you need to know is that the weather was beautiful. We played a little corn hole (or bean bags) and I  started to feel better once the test nervousness wore off and the beer started to work a bit of its magic. The most exciting portion of the night was watching my classmates enact a little Red Hot Chili Peppers music. The video is a bit long, but perhaps enjoyable for those who participated.

May 15...We went to a lovely wedding. Many memorable moments that I'll hopefully get to blog about later.  One quick quote:
Friend:   Kevin? Who's Kevin?  
Me:  The groom.
Friend: The groom? 
Me: Yes, Kevin is the groom. 
Friend: Oh yeah!

May 24: Started my job at the Wisconsin DOJ. Plenty of work before the first week was over. Four words to describe most of my cases: prisoners can be crazy.

May 28: Law review assignment turned in. Yes, I will take my life back now. Thanks. 

Memorial Day weekend: Parents in town. Huzzah!  We had a lovely meal at Jolly Bob's on Willy St.  I'm in love with their drinks and the food was pretty good.  We also watched a bit of Gamera.  What's Gamera you ask?  Why, it's a giant, flying tortoise from prehistory that was released from his frozen state in the Arctic Ocean by a USSR submarine waging nuclear attack on the US. Oh, and he eats and breathes fire, will drown boats full of people, but refuses to hurt children. You can defeat Gamera by knocking him on his back. It's impossible for a turtle to flip back over after that type of defeat...sort of like trying to lick your own elbow or chasing your own tail, except more fatal.  

More on the month of June later...

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