Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This "sport" looks like something Cara and I would have made up as kids. It also resembles a great game that we used to play when boys chased us from the swings to the merry-go-round and a technique I used as I aged to fend off unwanted come-ons.

In the historic sport of Shin Kicking the winner is the one who knocks down their opponent.  The sport was suspended in its heyday because it attracted the riff-raff of society.  Thank you Wikipedia for your infinite knowledge and excessive citations.  For those of you who doubt that this is a real sport, I suggest: http://www.thecolor.com/Category/Coloring/Sports.aspx.  As soon as a sport makes it onto a kid's coloring book website, it's legit.

Of course, there is significant preparation prior to a shin-kicking contest.  First, it is apparent that you must pick the right socks.  I'm pretty sure I would want Gryffindor socks in gold and maroon if I were in this competition.  Second, after you have chosen your socks, you then stuff them full of hay.  I'm not sure how they keep themselves from getting a rash from the hay, but I'm no expert.  Finally, you kick your opponent in the shins as hard as you can in hopes that they will fall.

Who said sports had to be complicated?

Thanks Maggie for the inspiration.

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